About us

Located in Thothorpe North Yorkshire, JP & T Spindles Limited work in Partnership with Topp & Co and local suppliers.

Jerome Peycher, JP & T’ Spindles Founder and Managing Director has served an extensive 10 year apprenticeship with the Compagnons du Devoir which is recognised worldwide for its excellence.

Jerome’s vision has always been to find innovative ways to produce very high quality work.
Jerome has been pondering the idea of etched stair spindles for quite a while and recently put his ideas together to come up with something new, funky, classy, affordable and to everybody’s taste !
The principle of an etched piece of round bar could also apply to other industry and products, like decorative round bars for cots.

Jerome likes to be challenged and is looking forward to continuing his development of Bronze, Brass, and stainless steel stair spindles.
And who knows, More materials could see the day as stair spindles in the near future!